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Design, Reimagined.

Our Brand

We create innovation through design.

Motifique has sourced the world in its unwavering pursuit to deliver the finest values within the digital marketplace. Whether for our proprietary brands or for our affiliates, we are committed to this singular mission.

At Motifique, we embrace our futureproof approach to the task of intelligent design and revolutionary product genesis. Quite simply, retailers prefer to do business with us.

Our Partners

We are honored to work with some of the best brands in the world.

  • Hudson Valley Cleaning
  • Pietrafesa Jewelry
  • Plattsburgh Medical Care
  • Jewel Tree
  • Firefighter Jewelry
  • Kitchen Design Network
  • Girard Group
  • Girard Systems
  • Girard Guard
  • Green RV
  • LG Stylez
  • Wingdale Supermarket
  • Michael Glassman
  • My Hope Is In You
  • Barbara Ballinger
  • Life Lessons
  • AV Solutions
  • Remodel Room

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