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Our custom solutions are affordable and hassle-free.

Connect to relevant audiences and maximize digital revenue.

$16.5M is spent online every hour.

Our responsive website layouts are designed to encourage commerce processing, as well as provide each visitor with a secure and unforgettable experience.

Integration of point of sale databases, live chat automation and payment financing services, allow your website to have the flexibility to support all common tenders, while engaging offline and online consumers alike.

Outrank your competition and acquire frequent traffic.

Search advertising leads to organic traffic flow.

Your website will serve as an information pipeline; from search to sales conversion.

Motifique will manage your presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other major search providers. (Having easily accessible content builds brand credibility naturally.)

We can drive relevant masses to your organization.

Data collection and reporting for your digital ads and website.

All website user data is accurately reported and securely stored for you to track in real time.

Play previous visitor sessions, view traffic statistics, and monitor heat maps of your content.

With analytical conversion funnel technology, Motifique is able to get an in-depth look into your target demographic and view key opportunities for your organization to engage consumers further.

Make your brand message go viral.

Connect with your consumers with compelling media they will share, post, like, tweet, pin, and spread throughout the web.

Regularly updated brand pages and social ads allow you to dominate your market in a personal online space.

Build a social following and position your prospective clients to your content every time.


Common questions regarding digital revenue streams.

How are digital leads and sales generated?

60% of all online activity is conducted through a mobile device. Our marketing can provide visitors with location-relevant, personalized information that can generate interest and drive them to your business.

How will consumer insights help my online brand?

Consumer data collection and tracking allows you to monitor page trends and session algorithms that provide insight into your typical website visitor. View reports such as average session length, navigation heat mapping, and location information for all previous website viewers.

Can my ads generate exposure from a specific audience?

Yes. Define your audience and we'll increase lead conversion. Reach individuals of particular age groups, professional affiliations, interest groups, and even by financial status. Search engines and social media allow you to position your brand to the most viable audience every time.

Is payment processing imperative for my website?

Payment processing is necessary for every website online. Whether you are promoting goods or services, you will be able to capture instantaneous payment in real time.

Can a new website increase productivity for my business?

Absolutely! A website created by Motifique increases brand productivity, in-store traffic, and generates online revenue from new leads.

What is your pricing model for a new website or marketing campaign?

No two digital endeavors are alike. Complete the submission form below for specific pricing.

Our Clients

We are honored to work with some of the best brands in the world.

  • Hudson Valley Cleaning
  • Pietrafesa Jewelry
  • Plattsburgh Medical Care
  • Jewel Tree
  • Firefighter Jewelry
  • Kitchen Design Network
  • Girard Group
  • Girard Systems
  • Girard Guard
  • Green RV
  • LG Stylez
  • Wingdale Supermarket
  • Michael Glassman
  • My Hope Is In You
  • Barbara Ballinger
  • Life Lessons
  • AV Solutions
  • Remodel Room

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